Hypocritical crap like this makes me vomit.

Why you should blow your money on Christian Schools — God Says So!

Never MIND that your checkbook is in the red and you can barely afford to feed your family — oh, God will somehow provide.

Yeah. Right. Hypocrites. If money is supposed to be not an issue for the family because it’s God’s Will, then how come it’s an issue for the school? If “God will provide”, then why is the school so adamant about the family giving it money? Isn’t God providing for the school somehow? Doesn’t the school trust God to show it a way to provide for all students?

Why can’t the school show …um… CHRISTIAN Charity and adjust its fees according to what the family can pay? Or waive the fees for truly needy students? Oh…wait. That would mean trusting that God would provide the money. Nope. They know better than that.

Nope. If they’re truly too poor to pay, damn them to Public School Hell. That’s the real message here.

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