Ok. Just got Journey’s Revelations…

…yeah, 2 weeks late. That should tell you everything you need to know about my financial situation and stress level right now, that I have not been able to get the album until now — and then only because my workplace gave me a $25 gift card as a “good job” perk.

Okay. :breathes:

First, I’m not bothering with the re-records of the old stuff. I’m just NOT. There’s no point, and I’d like to think Journey only did it because of whatever deal they cut with Wal-mart. Nothing will ever replace Steve Perry’s voice on those songs, NOTHING.

…okay, OKAY, maybe Ross’s romping-stomping-blues take on “Walks Like A Lady”, but until Journey gets the balls to release THAT version, I’m not bothering with any re-do’s they do.

On to the new stuff.

Wow. Just…wow.

Brett’s been listening to this as I’ve been, and his comment sums it up: “This is the album they SHOULD have released instead of Trial By Fire. It’s more Journey than Trial By Fire was…this is what I think of when I think of Journey.”

The songwriting is solid, the musicianship heart-aching (Arnel has no songwriting credits; it’s all Neal’s & Jonathan’s work). Yup. This is Journey!

Favorite track so far: “After All These Years”. THAT’S the type of ballad that Journey’s known for, straight from the heart and straight from life, touching without being corny — oh, yeah, DUH, one of Jonathan’s. Naturally. 🙂

A nice touch on the liner notes: Deen thanking Steve Augeri, and saying “You are missed”. Just from that, it might be that the parting between Aug & Journey was far more amicable than the Perry debacle.

Arnel’s got a strong voice and style all his own — after hearing the YouTube stuff and the sample MP3 of the re-records that had been posted elsewhere, I was scared that he’d be too much “Perry” and not enough of his own. However, at a lot of points, he was reminding me of the best of Steve Augeri and the best of Steve Perry, while never crossing the line into “omg he’s just an imitator”. He’s got the pipes, and he’s gonna grow. Please, gods, let this be a sign that Journey’s got more albums in them, PLEASE…

Weakest track: “What It Takes To Win”…um, guys, Survivor did this with “Eye of the Tiger” and did it better. Please ditch the sports anthems. Really. Please. Journey really comes off like a Survivor-imitator on that one (talk about irony), and dammit, they don’t NEED to imitate a band that imitated Journey… it’s just…no, NO NO.

Oh, and Journey has a picture-article in this week’s People (the one with Elizabeth Smart on the cover). Check it out.

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