Holy cow, I can’t stop listening to Revelations…

(well, the “new stuff” cd, that is)

Jeesus, I can’t believe what I’m hearing. This is getting to be another obsessive-listen CD. Yes, Arnel’s voice is that good.

And when I’ve spent four successive posts on this album, you know something’s good.

My predictions for hits:

“After all these years” (good GOD…this one is just…woah. The more I listen, the better it gets.)

“Faith in the heartland” (Arnel’s version just kicks major ass over the Generations version…gods, Augeri, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, but Arnel’s just the better singer. Listening to the two version back-to-back just reinforced that.)

“Turn down the world tonight” (another good GOD WOAH…)

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