The Watchmen…

The Watchmen trailer

Okay. I’ll wave a hand and admit to slight comic-book geekdom here. I love certain graphic novels (Sandman, Bone, Elfquest, A Distant Soil, the original Ninja Turtles, etc). I tend to avoid the Superhero genre, save for a scant few (Frank Miller’s original Dark Knight).

I LOVED the Watchmen. I own the original comic books, 1st edition; I got them when they first came out.

I’m not judging the movie by the trailer yet, but there’s one sign that has me extremely PISSED OFF, that may be a sign of how awful this movie is going to be.

The credits: “Based on the Graphic Novel illustrated by Dave Gibbons & Published by DC Comics”


The Watchmen were Alan’s baby; every single last mention of The Watchmen’s influence and groundbreaking name Alan Moore as the one responsible. Dave did a bang up job on the illustration, but the story, idea, concept — ALAN MOORE.

This is like doing The Sandman without crediting Neil Gaiman.

This is not good. Either Moore has disavowed this film version (as Susan Cooper did to the abysmal “The Seeker”), or someone on the movie’s team is a fuckin’ dickhead.

Or both.

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