holy frakkin’ crap, lyrsi… (followup WoW Rant)

You were so horribly right. I just didn’t think you were *this* right.

Me & Brett left Guild Intrepid tonight (prior post with final straw rant).

We almost immediately were snatched up by our real life friends in Stormcrows, and while we’re talking with them and explaining what had happened, Frostnova (to other WoW’ers, Frost is one of the leaders of Intrepid) logged on. And 30 seconds later, both of us had whispers.

I won’t go into details, much. But goddam, it was classic passive-aggressive manipulation, and creepy as hell. Mind, we’ve never met this man in real life. We’ve only known him about a year through WoW. But when I told him flat-out why we left, and what my issue was, and refused to budge and come back (and refused to get derailed on resilience: “It’s not about resilience, it’s about your getting weird on shit & refusing to accept my view as valid”), I got this whisper, over and over:

“don’t hurt me, we love you, please don’t hurt us, we’ve always loved you…”

Not just me…both me and BRETT got that. The moment I ended the conversation and tossed him on /ignore, he started sending that to Brett.

You wanna talk creeped OUT?? Creepy enough, getting that as a woman, but jeesus frakkin’ christ, sending that to BRETT?? I mean, our RL friends in Stormcrows, we’ve known them for YEARS, and I’d never say ANYTHING like that to them. I’d never CONSIDER saying anything like that to ANYONE (well, maybe Brett, if we’d had a huge fight and he offered me chocolate, but I’m MARRIED to him), no matter how close friends they were.

That’s not going into the flat-out lies he told me about Greensward and the situation with Kara. I called him on that, too. Amazing how he tried to backpedal into “No, that’s not what I said…” even though Brett was right there going, “BULL. SHIT.” right along with me.

Very, very creeped out at the moment. And now I’m glad we left — we were second-guessing ourselves before, but not now.

I’m also suddenly very very glad that our phone information is unlisted. Frost might have our number, but a reverse-search won’t show anything.

Green, we’ve already emailed Rithien about the situation. And Stormcrows said they’d be happy to have you, when you come back.

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