“Stay, and die, or leave & lose your job…”

“If I left, I’ll probably lose my job…”

This is from NEW ORLEANS FOLKS. Y’know, the city that’s right in the path of a Category 4 hurricane? The city that was under a mandatory evacuation order as of 8 am this morning??

Ok, I’m not boggling too much over the idiotic tourists that are still down there. There’s idiots everywhere. I’m not gonna waste pity over them. But for WORKERS to get told by their boss, “Hey, you leave, you lose your job…” when they’re in the path of a major hurricane, KNOWING what happened the last time NOLA took a mere indirect hit from Katrina??

Mayor Nagin should find out who those bosses are, confiscate their damn businesses, and force the bosses to pay for the workers’ hotel rooms and evacuation costs.

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