Watching the ping-pong game from the sidelines…

OK, McCain’s VIP pick is not only a “pro-life” anti-choice never-heard-of-her-before Evangelical Religioso from Alaska, she’s evidently also a secessionist nutcase:

Palin once a member of the Alaskan Independence Party.

Steve Huff, who runs Random Lunatic News, is a respected true crime reporter/Net Investigator (and calls himself politically moderate, leaning towards Conservative), who runs such blogs as The True Crime Webblog and The True Crime Report. I’ve been a fan of his blogs for a couple years now; it’s NOT like him to post rumors & idiotic stuff…unless it’s true and he’s got a damn good responsible source for it.

So on one side, we’ve got a Bush crony and “good girl conservative”, and on the other, a man with ties to a racist church (yes, Obama, I’m glaring at YOU — if he was white, and that Reverend part of the KKK, he would’ve gone down MONTHS ago) and Joe Biden, who I’m not sure about…

…I’m not voting this year. I’m just not. What’s the point?

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