This just pisses me off:

Worst Nightmare: Babies Stolen from Their Beds

Yes, it’s a scary crime. I’m not disputing that, or the trauma that the parents go through.

But it happens to fewer than 10 infants a year.

Not 10k. TEN.

And that’s down from a “high” of 18 a few years ago.

That’s why it makes news when it happens; it’s a extreme rarity. Really, really extreme.

Rare = “Never happens. Well, except for that baby from three states over that I read about last summer in the paper.”

However, the article’s tone is “OMG ITZ GONNA HAPPEN!!! EEK!!”, and goes on as if this is a serious problem in need of serious statistical study and for the public to be aware of it. Yellow journalistic scare tactics, you fail at life.

Please note the line: “Because some kidnappers have been alerted by lawn signs, balloons and banners welcoming a new baby, parents may want to think twice about advertising their little one…”

Excuse me? Don’t celebrate because, OMG, you might be one of the less-than-10?

To put this in perspective, over 4 MILLION babies were born in 2007 in the US. That “less than 10” figure is less than 1% (ok, ok, less than .0000025%, for the technicality-minded here).

There’s diseases that have higher percentage rates than that, that we don’t bother vaccinating for or doing tests for on the general population *unless* it’s determined that the specific individual might possibly suffer from it. But hey, according to this article, that “less than 10” figure means “OMG THEREZ MANY SCARY PEEPLZ OUT THERE WANTING UR BABIEZZZ!!!”

95% of the “news” we see is someone creating a fake issue and writing about it because they’re bored. It’s the paranoia culture. They’re making us so scared of life and living and the world around us that we shut down, stop talking, stop connecting, stop living.

Anyone stop to think that the paranoia culture is what CAUSES the problems?

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