Someone’s running scared….

MythBusters busted over RFID Technology

Ok, for the technology-challenged, RFID is “Radio Frequency Identification”, ie, the stuff used when they read your pet’s id-chip implant, or with the “tap-and-go” payment cards, where you don’t swipe the card, just tap it on the machine.

Looking past the obvious “Adam Shot His Mouth Off” angle, it’s more likely that Discovery Channel pressured him to back down from his statements. And very likely that the credit card companies behind these systems don’t want it getting out how EASY it is to hack.

Remember the episode with the sophisticated door locks? And the Mythbusters taking on the one that the company claimed was “unhackable”? And how fast they got past it…with a XEROX MACHINE?


(edit: here’s the full text & report on what Adam said. Yeah. This former radio / media person hears “company pressure” all through what he’s saying.)

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