More WoW stuff…

Before lyrsi kills me, yes, my tankadin finally hit 70 a couple weeks ago.

I’m so proud of the little bugger.

So now I’ve had to settle down from two-man questing & running with my husband (whose holy priest, Pocksii, hit 70 a couple days after I did) and start learning how to tank the SERIOUS instances…we’re talking Shattered Halls, MGT…


You know you’re doing something right when said pally tank has to run Underbog half-naked so the mobs will get through to do enough damage so you get healed and regen your mana.

Nope, had nothing to do with the four other guys egging me on. Not at all.

Besides, she’s a DWARF. We’re not talking sex machine toon, here.

Then again, with some gamer guys…

So we’ve been running with Stormcrows, and have been having a blast. These folks are just starting to get Kara on farm, and they can clear it in under 5 hours (two groups are running, half new-runners in each group — the experienced kara runners can clear in under 4, if they run together). And they’re starting ZA AND pushing me to get my pally geared…correctly…which led to them running with me & Brett through MGT to get our rep up with SSO. A cloak dropped in MGT last night that had more stam & armor than my current cloak, with lots of resilience…and the Guild Leader Cerlyn and the Experienced-With-Several-70s-Gaming-God-of-The-Guild Dyrefyre both said, “No, you don’t want that, resilience SUCKS for tankadins, your current cloak is far better…”

Take that, Idiot Intrepid GL.

It’s been amazing how much my enthusiasm for the game came back after we left Intrepid  (though Brett says it’s because I got my roflcopter — gods, I love that cranky mechanical bitch).

However, we’re still getting notes from the trenches, and yesterday just had me steaming. Aritis, one of Intrepid’s pally healers, has also been mulling over leaving, and that mulling kicked into high gear after me & Brett left; he’s been telling us that Intrepid is “falling apart”, no one’s happy over the Kara raids due to how LONG they take (Intrepid takes over 8 hours, and doesn’t start until well after 8pm server, and they try to cram it all in one night), and new folks come in, then leave after a day or so because no one ever talks to them…or because they butt heads with the Guild Leader, Frostnova.

But what really took the cake was Aritis telling me that Frost pulled the “I love you” bullshit on him, too — all because Aritis hasn’t been on much lately. AND has been asking Ari’s real life friends in the game where he is, if Ari isn’t on. And THEN tried to claim credit for gearing Ari’s ret-pally. AND getting upset when Ari wouldn’t go into any details over why he wasn’t on much and what he was doing offline.

Can you say passive-aggressive stalker, boys & girls? Sure. I knew you could.

But wait. There’s more.

Aritis is also BFF with a very nice female Mage, also in Intrepid. Not boyfriend/girlfriend, just good friends. And Mr. Frostnova was trying to get Aritis interested in getting with nice female Mage and hooking up with Frost and his wife for some offline escapades.

Yeah. You can probably imagine my reaction to seeing that. If you say my WTF-meter went off the roof, you’re fairly close.

Especially when Ari told me in the next sentence that the other Intrepid Guild Leader was involved in a triangle with Frost and his wife.

Look, what people do in their private lives, I don’t care. I don’t care if you’re gay, bi-, poly- or Republican — have fun, be safe. But dammit, you do NOT use a game — a game where you cannot tell how old folks are in real life without meeting them face-to-face, a game that teens play  — to recruit folks into your little sex ring and passive-aggressive manipulation games. I don’t care what they sound like in Vent; voices are deceiving, especially female voices.

Please note that Intrepid has under-16s in the guild, and Frost insists on keeping guild-chat “family friendly” due to those folks.


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