Does the phrase “Fast Food” somehow escape you?

For the last half hour, I’ve been listening to my co-workers in the back of the pod — all of whom are overweight & obsessive-dieting — look up McDonald’s food nutritional content and express SHOCK over the calories & fat & bad stuff.

Like…HELLO?? MCD’S?? What part of that is such a shock?

And earlier, I was treated to a long, winding rant about why one of these women won’t allow a bread machine in her house and how she can’t have carbs anymore and her justification for when she’ll let herself eat a piece of toast…

Yesterday they were bitching extensively about how tough the incentive program in our Fitness Center was.

Sorry, I don’t think 45 minutes of various cardio at the speed YOU CHOOSE is tough at all, thank you.

Gods. I can’t wait to get the fuck out of this place.

But on my last day, I’m getting a McD’s Fish, Fries & Milkshake and bringing it in to eat at my desk JUST TO PISS THEM OFF…

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