Yeah. Great way to remember it.

I’m sick of the fuckin’ “moment of silences”.

Bush’s observing one, my company’s observing one, everyone I know is doing that frakkin’ “moment of silence.”

Like, hey, let’s not go out of our way here to remember what happened. Just be quiet a moment and “remember it in your own personal way.”

Gods forbid we do anything to interrupt our profit-making and work day and, you know, make you really remember.

Yup. The moment came & went here without any kind of announcement, nothing over the intercom, nothing said by managers save for one idiot saying sarcastically, “yeah, it’s the moment of silence now” while folks around her giggled…

Front page of our paper? a picture of schoolkids (6th Graders!?) making a US flag of handprints to commemorate the day. And a small story on how our county’s using the Homeland Security funds.

Yup. The world’s really changed.

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