Why the frak am I here??

Yes, Mr. Whiny-Voiced Accountant Geek, the remnants of Ike came through Columbus yesterday. Yes, the winds were bad. Oh my god, your power flickered. Oh my god, you lost cable TV for over 20 minutes. Wow, the trees were really losing leaves. Thank you so much for coming over here and leaning over the cubicle wall for 20 minutes to go on and on and on about that while I’m trying to work.


Our place lost power for over 5 hours — so what? It happens. There’s still huge chunks of this city without power. I’ve been without TV for over a year and a half now — I DON’T CARE YOU MISSED PART OF YOUR POOR FOOTBALL GAME. Oh, yeah, and many trees were DOWN in my area, and many folks had huge property damage because of stuff hitting their cars & homes. Some folks couldn’t even make it in due to blocked roads. And that’s STILL nothing compared to what happened in Texas. STFU, asshat.

By the way, stop telling me to “smile” every time you see me. You’re not my fuckin’ boss, I’m not on the phones, you don’t know my fuckin’ life, you’re not in my situation, and you’ve got the social sense of a litter box. Oh, and I’ve told you, over and over, I hate sports. I don’t follow them. I don’t give a shit about the Buckeyes. I’m not stopping my workday just to listen to your whining self-important spew about whatever last night’s game was. See the iPod headphones? That means I’m not listening to you. No, I’m not taking them off for you. Go away.


…jesus, i needed to get that off my chest.

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