Again. It never ends.

Dear Mr. SECOND Whiny Voiced Accountant Geek,

I don’t care about your eBay exploits. I don’t care about your blow-by-blow descriptions of the bid war you got into for used clothes. I’ve got headphones on. My music is turned up. I’m trying to finish this query. And you’re still gabbing at me as if I care. There is no need to come over here and start pitching your whiny voiced BS at me loud enough to cut through Journey’s Escape, just because you’re bored at your desk.


ps. Ms. Whiny Voice’s Wife, when people as old as you two are start talking about how drunk you got in bars during the weekend and on your vacation and last night and any old time you felt like getting shit-faced drunk, that’s just fuckin’ white-trash alchoholic. Grow the fuck up.

WTF IS it with these people here this week? lord…

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