Good, bad, ugly, stressed out…


In midst of moving frenzy, packing up, hauling everything we own into boxes. Wow.

I will be changing ISPs next weekend — FINALLY. The new place is not locked into a monopoly-contract with Time Warner/Roadrunner (as the current place is !@#$#%ARRRRGH), which is very very good. I called AT&T to get our phone service moved, and the rep mentioned they’d just installed fiber optic at our new place…at faster speeds and much cheaper than Roadrunner.


Gods, I’ve hated Roadrunner. I’ve hated dealing with Time Warner every time I’ve had to call them. When you add to that their little bandwidth limits that they’re going to start placing on accounts, the hate boiled over into U PEEPLZ TEH ANTICHRIST GO AWAYZ.

Lessee, Roadrunner’s limits will go from 2 gb to 75 gb.

I have a home business doing freelance web design and marketing. 2 gb is a SLOW month.

The SHRINE is 2 GB.

Yup, they lost my business.

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