Quote, “Here’s your sign,” unquote…

Me: bopping on iPod, working last minute query, absorbed in work,
ICWA: Idiot Co-Worker Admin
VBFTM: Very Busy Fellow Teammate who keeps irregular schedule & sits in cubicle-space behind mine, in same “pod”. I can’t see her unless I turn around and look.

Scene: Someone comes up behind me, leans on my cubicle desk in my face…

ICWA: mumble mumble here?
Me (turning iPod off, blinking): Sorry?
ICWA: Is VBFTM gone for day?
Me (who can’t believe I’m getting asked this, because there’s a big laminated SIGN on VBFTM’s desk…wait for it…): I don’t know, but her SIGN say’s she’s GONE FOR DAY.

ICWA grumps a bit, sits down at VBFTM’s desk to presumably scribble a message; I turn back to my work…

ICWA gets in my face again: This is “VBFTM’S” desk, right? The one that covers admin phones?
Me: You mean “VBFTM’s full name”, right?
ICWA: Yeah.
Me: *just blinks at her, because our names are posted right outside the cubicles AND numerous certificates & awards all over VBFTM’s desk*
ICWA: This is her desk, right?
Me: That’s what the sign says…


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