Oh…yeah…that’s right…

I still have Net access at my job. Silly me. Funny how only having 3 MORE DAYS to go at a place makes you forget things like that.

Holy frakkin’ CRAP, we had a lot of stuff. I didn’t think we had much — the old place was only 800 sq foot, and we made huge efforts to keep our stuff pared down & cleaned out.

The new place looks about 600-700 sq foot, and is currently 1/3 filled with boxes and boxes and boxes and 1/3 filled with furniture crammed into corners awaiting a final place. I’m wondering how we’re ever going to get everything fitting. Brett says it’s mostly books and once we get the bookshelves up, the boxes will mostly disappear.

Gods, I hope so.

Unfortunately, it looks as if the first casualty is going to be the wall art. Yeah, some posters…but I’m really worried about my big paintings, the bright, beautiful Celtic knotwork art I’ve done (Crouching cat, 2 Trees of Life, Seahorse, and an Egyptian-influenced Spiral Goddess). HUGE things, designed to take up the massive wallspace we had at the old place…and the new place ISN’T massive. If worst comes to worst, I’ll post pics up here and let my FL lay claim — at least then I’ll know my art’s going to folks who’d appreciate it.

But I really don’t want to get rid of them. I really don’t.

New place is surrounded by Big Whispering Friendly Trees and older, well-kept suburbs — NO MORE RAGWEED GARDEN OVER THE FENCE!!! YAY!!! Dear gods, my allergies cleared up every time we took a truckload to the new apartment, and haven’t returned since the last stuff-grab yesterday — the old place was next door to a newer going-to-hell suburb. The particular white-trash house over the fence from us decided that HELLYEAH, they can afford to replace their above-ground pool AND put a deck around it, but they can’t afford to cut the over-head-high weeds that have taken over all the other yard space. Including a huge stand of ragweed in the corner nearest us, growing around the abandoned satellite dish “cup” that they dumped there when it broke off its stand shortly OVER 5 YEARS AGO.

The cats are freaked out royal — correction, the Little Girl Kitty Scooter (our foundling who was dumped at our old complex over a year ago) evidently has major abandonment issues, because she has been under the bed at the new place since we brought her in. Frodo, our middle boy, has been all over us, purring and headbutting and making the whole place MINEMINEMINEMINEMINE. Puck (the oldest boy — 13 years) has alternated between wandering, under-bed-hiding, and watching us with big eyes.

Oooops, boss looking this way…

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