Damn, I was dreading this would happen.

FINALLY settling into new place.

Smaller new place, by about 100-200 sq feet; old place was 800 sq feet with HUGEMONGUS cathedral ceiling in the living room/kitchen area. I painted these massive canvases with Celtic knotwork just to have stuff to cover all that white space…

…but new place doesn’t have all that white space. New place only has 7 foot ceilings (with windows all around!!), and I’m left with 2 canvases that just don’t fit the available wall space. *sigh*

I’m probably going to be posting pics up here of the available art — we’re talking 36 x 48, here, unframed, and due to some warpage in the wood stretchers, you’ll need to get them framed before hanging. It’s not definite, we’re still hammering it out and trying to make these fit, but if you *think* you might be interested, post. They’re free — you’d just have to pay for shipping. One’s a gorgeous Tree of Life in brilliant green & gold with accents of red & blue; the other’s a hippocampus…er, sea horse that looks like a horse…in deep blue & gold. However, we’re still trying to decide whether to keep that one or the Cat (gold & black crouching cat on royal purple background).

I’ll get pics up as soon as I figure out what box my parents packed the !@$% camera in.

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