Good, but damn, CNN’s wording is just fucked up.

Teen beaten by KKK awared $2.5 million

Wonderful — this kid was targeted by the Klan, beaten, and went after them legally, and won. You GO, Jordan, and I hope you go into a long, successful Civil Rights career to go after more scum like the KKK.

However, it’s the wording of the article that sets me off. The jury found that the KKK ‘wrongfully targeted’ Jordan — EXCUSE me?? So if Jordan had been an illegal, the KKK would’ve been right to beat the shit out of him?

“They taunted him with ethnic slurs — inaccurate ones — spat on him and doused him with alcohol”. CNN, what the hell does it matter that the slurs were inaccurate? If they were accurate, would that have made it better?

Jeesus, CNN, pull your damn head out of your ass.

Look, if someone’s illegally here, I’m all for deporting them; they can’t follow our laws, they have no business being here. We have issues enough taking care of the legal folks, without the illegals adding to the burden (and raising crime rates — left-wing bleeding hearts aside, when you’re here illegally, your options are LIMITED. You turn to what you can to survive. They’ve broken the law willingly once; they’ll break it again). The US does not guarantee the whole damn world a living, and if the illegals are tired of their bad country, then let them fix their own problems.

But beating ANYONE up over their ethnicity, whether they’re illegal or not, is wrong, evil & sick. Period.

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