One Kitty on Shit-List and a new iMac Later…

…so far-too-freakin’-early Monday, I was jolted up out of a sound sleep by what sounded like a cat caught in a meat grinder and letting the WHOLE WORLD KNOW, followed by a loud CRASH, BANG-BANG-CRASH.

I jerked out of bed — Puck & Frodo are on the bed, curled up and too obviously had been as asleep as I’d been — and I stumbled towards the sound of the crash…our computer room…and found my G5 iMac face down on the floor, all cords yanked out of the back, and our little girl kitty tearing around the apartment with a big poofy tail and still snarling and yowling. My desk is two-tier; the Mac had been on the top “monitor” tier. Yeah. “Bang bang CRASH”, for sure.

I look up; there’s a window right *above* the level of where the Mac had sat, and a nice big sill where the cats love to sit & watch the birds.

Staring in at me, head cocked with a “WTF was THAT?” look on its face, was a little calico stray — couldn’t have been more than six months old. But otherwise sitting there calmly, no evidence of being upset or even in fight mode.

Mind, given that it’s been below 35 all week, the windows are closed — new windows, double-paned, well-insulated. I have THREE cats, the little kitty girl Scooter and the two Big Boys. At our old apartment, we had strays come by a lot, right where our cats could see them, and Scoot NEVER tossed any hissy fit. And Scooter weighs MAYBE 7 pounds with her fur wet; the G5 is HEAVY (and Puck & Frodo have been behind it tons of times, never budged it). I still can’t figure out how she did it.

NOT the thing to start the week with. There was almost one dead kitty, even more so because she’s been repeating the major-hissy-fit all week; there’s several strays around the building.

Luckily, somehow, someway, the Mac’s monitor screen didn’t break, though the back of it did pop out of its seat. The DVD drive started grinding, and I know too damn well that a hard hit like that is enough to fuck up any hard drive and internal components. I took the back off, didn’t see any obvious damage, managed to get the back popped back into its alignment. A hardware test came up normal, but since it’s a business machine, I couldn’t take any chances…especially when the mouse & keyboard commands started acting odd and things were running SLOW.

So. Here I sit, typing out on a brand new Intel iMac, fully wireless (wireless key & mouse AWESOME), twice the speed and power of the G5 and half the size (well, screen size the same, but it’s tons thinner even than BRETT’S Intel Mac). The G5 has been relegated to the living room for now, where it’s replacing our TV & stereo system until it decides to become a real Dead Parrot.

Granted, we’d been planning on replacing the G5 anyway, but NOT this soon or that dramatically.

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