An imaginary band for imaginary times. :)

Only an insane person would do this, I think. Might as well write this out for the hell of it.

Still deep in NaNoWriMo…technically, which finished an hour ago…but I’m still writing, still pushing. For those that aren’t familiar with the Kingdoms fanfic, I’ve been rewriting these to be NON-Journey, true mainstream fantasy tales. Bloodied is becoming a very different tale from the original.

And to that end, the band in question has become its own, to the point that I’m not only seeing album covers, but also, lately, hearing songs on the radio & Internet & my own collection that are “oh my god, that’s Karma, that’s the band in my stories, that’s exactly what they would do.”

Now, to stress, the band Karma is NOT Journey. The characters stepped off that wagon a long time ago, to the point that it was very hard last year to post the tale chapters in the “journey” vein for those used to the tales being “journey fic”. But their histories are different, their stories are different, their music is mostly different. And as part of the “get into the mindset” part of NaNoWriMo, I decided to pull together an “album” for the group…

So…proudly presenting…

Track listing (the actual artists listed — check the tunes out):

“Bright Morning Star” (Oysterband)
“Shattered” (O.A.R.)
“Forget Me Not” (Bad English)
“Here Comes the Flood” (Oysterband)
“God” (Seven Nations)
“Open Arms” (Journey)
“1 2 3” (Indigo Girls — yeah, ok, this is a female group, but the lyrics & style are very much Karma)
“Under the Milky Way” (Seven nations)
“Where the World Divides” (Oysterband)
“Only Solutions” (Journey)
“Liberty” (Journey)
“Dancing as Fast as I Can” (Oysterband)

Ok, yeah, I’m insane.

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