hospital. again.

Guess who ended up in the hospital emergency room on monday?

yeah. just got home a couple hours ago. My ever-so-cranky guts decided to throw me a major curveball this year (hey, major financial shit going down, time for the guts to act up) and I had major blood in my stool Monday morning.

Yeah. Major. not bright red, but that definite maroonish red that’s NOT something you want to ignore and in a definite amount that had me damn near fainting in shock.

So after finishing the hyperventilation fit and managing to call brett, i would up in the emergency room for 8 hours waiting to be checked in THEN checked in AND set up for a transfusion of two full units of blood and prepped for an colonoscopy and CAT scan earlier today…oh, and all on top of the start of my period, which chose this month to be an absolute bitch of heavy cramp and flow.

Yeah. Drained is not the word for it.

Colon prep (GoLYTE, for the med folks out there) flushes me out good…and what do they find on the scope? NOTHING. Not a single damn thing.

What does the CAT find? NOTHING. Not a single damn thing.

And after 2 1/2 days of no/liquid food, after all the tests were done, I get back to the room to find a full regular meal waiting for me.

Now…for those who may not have had all the intestinal BS I’ve had, usually if something’s wrong with your gastrointestinal system (rupture, blockage, bleeding), they keep you on clear liquids (or nothing) to keep it clear, for any process they have to do — hell, the last time I was in the hospital when my intestines acted up, I was on clear liquid the whole time. So to get greeted with a full meal & an OK for regular diet from the RN had me & Brett going, “ooookay, so it’s not serious? You’re not planning on doing anything else?”

“well, that’s up to the doctor”, says the RN, and at that point, I started pushing for talking to the doctor to know what was planned and what was going on…and when they couldn’t get definite or give me any thing more than vague “well, you know we put 2 units of blood in you” answers, I got pushy and said I wanted out. It was Christmas Eve, I’d already missed time with my family, and I wasn’t going to be stuck in there while they took their time in deciding what to do next (or while the docs had their holiday) — because it evidently it wasn’t enough of an emergency to keep me on liquids or plot out the next tests definitely. I mean, hell, even if they’d just said, “We wanna keep monitoring you another day”, I’dve been cool with it. But not, it was oh, they *might* do an endoscopy…at which point, I was going, “then why you have me on full diet?”

So, here I sit at home. Shaky, upset, depressed (because we’re a week away from Brett reaching the point of getting insurance through his job) and wondering what the hell happened. No blood now, no pain, never any pain through this.

Gonna go sleep now. far too tired. Merry effin’ christmas everyone.

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