You know, there’s a special level of TOOPID for Fails like this…

Ok.  A long while back, I signed up a Facebook account.

No, don’t rush to add me.

It was for WORK.  I signed it up as my company — the credit card company — was having issues with the Facebook account last year, and the Security team, being clueless about all things Net-related, asked me to look into what could possibly be happening.

Research done, figured it out, promptly ignored the Facebook account.  Not interested.

I made ONE mention of it at Christmas when someone mentioned a hissy fit that my sister-in-law tossed when I ignored her friend-request on Facebook last year, as in "Yeah, it’s for work and I don’t use it because it’s ONLY for work."

So what do my parents do?  Promptly go up to that WORK account and try to add me as a friend.  If I hadn’t checked my old work Yahoo email to clean it out, I never would’ve known about it.  I even had to get Facebook to re-send me the login information, JUST so I could add an ALL-CAPS NOTE to the damn profile, saying "THIS IS FOR WORK, DON’T CONTACT ME HERE".

As if they’ve ever listened to anything I’ve ever said, so I should’ve expected this.  But that total LACK of listening — and the prompt going-up-to-friend-an-account-I-TOLD-them-was-WORK-ONLY just has me pissed.

Oh, and even more FAIL?  Some of my FL are aware of my rather long last name — a hyphenated combination of my & my husband’s last names.  Between my somewhat uncommon Czech last name and his unusual Slavic last name, the combination of the two makes it unique.  Unique — as in, there’s only 2 people in the country with that last name, and I’m married to the other one.  The Facebook account displays that full name, so if Facebook had a question on anything I tested, they’d know who to contact at my workplace.

Yet BOTH those parental "friend" requests had "Is this the Chris who’s…?"  in their queries.


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