Well, now I’m well & truly pissed.

So gekizetsu made a mention of playing Sims, which got ME thinking of my Sims…

…so out I dig my old Sims 2 disks, realized that I didn’t have anything saved from the installation on the old computer…

No big deal, I thought, and popped up to the Shrine to get my Journey Sims.

Yeah. You should remember these: http://holyshrineofjourney.com/jrnysims/simsfrontiers/index.html

Loaded ’em into the game — and found that all the Evolution Sims were bald.

The Frontiers versions worked just fine. The Evo? Bald.


So I spent a good couple hours trying to hunt down the meshes. Found Gregg’s, a good sub for Ross (a better one, actually), and Smitty’s. Perry’s? Can’t remember whose it was. Neal’s? Well, I know it was called “Femininity”, by Sanmoo, a translated female-hair mesh that someone re-worked for male rocker Sims — and both Perry’s & Schon’s had been obtained from ModTheSims2.

So, headed up to ModTheSims2. Spent a couple hours searching through all their male meshes. Found that the creator of Femininity evidently had a snit fit and removed all her/his meshes from the Web and the Sim Community.

In the three years since Sims 2 came out, that one mesh has been the ONLY decent long/curly for men that I’ve ever seen. AND the only one that fit Neal. Gone, gone, gone.

So…anyone out there happen to download a WORKING Evolution pack from the Shrine? If so, can you send me a copy?

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