Rafe Hollen & Sion of Caiman, new bookcover for Shadowed Soil

Today just seemed to be a day to say “screw work, I need to play with my tales…”

I’ve been trying to simply draw the characters out, but I keep running across such wonderful stock photos that ARE the characters. Besides, I love collaging, always have, ever since I was a kid; found art appeals to me a LOT.

This is FOUR separate photos — and anyone who thinks I’m taking the easy way out by doing montage/collage needs to work with Photoshop. You try making four separate photos with different color levels & lighting directions & backgrounds all look as if they’re more or less in the same place — and effectively & cleanly mask out their backgrounds & blend them with each other & alter the light direction so it looks somewhat uniform. The above is the result with the watercolor filter on the final product. This is the un-art-filtered result:

And before anyone comments on Sion’s hat, I’ll quote the wonderful anime FLCL: “It takes an idiot to do cool things. That’s why it’s cool.”

If you’re curious, the four original photos are here:


And, finally, the new imagined bookcover for Shadowed Soil, the third book in the series:

Yes, the books are progressing. Some issues were caught with Severed that I’m working to fix (gods, having to cut out 30k words from it…*shudder*), and Bloodied’s coming along in fits & starts…and trying to keep the new business up & running (and worrying over its viability — what in the HELL possessed me to start a business NOW??).

Oh, wait. I know what possessed me. I found out this week that my old workplace, Discover, laid more folks off — without a severance package this time.

Evidently the rumors from just before I left were correct, that my round was the last layoff round to get severance.

But do I want to go back to a corporate job? Hell no. HELL NO.

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