Now my miserable little cartoon life is complete…

I found TWO websites that have the full series of the anime’ Trigun for download.

For free!!

Plus all the other anime’ that I’ve been wanting to watch (Wolf’s Rain, Witchhunter Robin, Full Metal Alchemist, Ruroni Kenshin, Samurai Champloo, etc etc etc etc), but don’t want to spend $15+ per DVD. While I like quite a bit of anime’, I don’t like spending money on DVDs if I don’t know I’ll like the series or not, and the rental places around here don’t carry much. Hell, the regular DVD stores don’t carry much (though I was pleasantly surprised when the local Best Buy had the complete Cowboy Bebop remixes for only $20…TOTAL).

And Adult Swim — when I had cable — just never aired things consistently, and its time frame SUCKED (stupid US TV “primetime” laws).

Trigun’s one of those anime’s that’ll either catch you the right way, or leave you going “meh” on the first episode. It’s also one of those where I love the English dubs better than the Japanese originals, mostly because of the annoying Japanese voicing of the two women characters, Milly & Meryl.

If anyone’s interested in the links, comment & I’ll send ’em your way.

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