Love and PEACE, love and PEACE…

Me & Brett finished up Trigun last night.


The goofy gunman takes a 180-degree turn into angst-ridden “OMG THEY’RE DEAD” about the last third of the series. Okay, I can deal with angst.

But when there’s full episodes wasted on flashbacks from the prior episodes…in an anime that’s only 26 eps long…I’m calling foul. I didn’t need a whole episode of Meryl remembering all the prior episodes; I didn’t need half of the last episode taken up with flashbacks to prior eps (and flashbacks to flashbacks in prior eps), either — YOU’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A LIFE AND DEATH BATTLE, FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD, VASH!!

Vash leaving Knives alive?? Yeah, sure, Vash’s a pacifist, but what the HELL is he going to do with Knives? If the bastard hasn’t changed after 100+ years, he’s hardly going to change now. Which means that once Knives heals up, it’s the same old story all over again.

That’s the problem with pacifism — the rest of the world AIN’T pacifist. The rest of the world ain’t changing, period. And Vash agonizing because, omg, he had to kill someone who *wanted* to die and who was about to kill people Vash loved if Vash didn’t kill him…at that point, I was ready to slap him. Or resurrect Wolfwood to go knock more sense into him.

I’ve heard that the manga is a lot smoother in the telling; I’ll probably go search that out.

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