Finally I got to see a gastro doc today over the idiocy that happened last december with the intestinal bleeding.

Yeah. Three months later. Some emergency.

Ok, yeah, they had to pump two pints of blood into me back then, but no one’s been acting like it’s an emergency since then — though my family doctor tried to scare the daylights out of me when I saw her last month, with all these “doom, gloom & get to all these specialists” warnings…so why it took her TWO WEEKS to finally get me a referral to the gastro, and said gastro to not schedule me in until two weeks after THAT…well.

Upshot: I get an upper endoscopy next Friday.

No, not the little camera pill. The tube-down-the-throat thing.

And I’m the one who can’t handle a GI tube without choking to death.


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