Stomach still hurts — ergh.

Ok. Upper endoscopy done. It turned out to be no big deal — I was out cold right from the get-go; I only remember them putting in the bite-guard, then I was waking up with Brett sitting next to me. I’m still waiting on results, but damn, my stomach’s been real touchy since they did it.

Ok, ok, it’s usually real touchy. Now it’s even touchier.

They did take polyps out. I’m expecting them to go through with a full small-pill-camera endo, though.

(and seeing my FL — dammit, Barb, I keep telling you you’re not in competition with me for medical issues, all right???)

The OTHER good news is that my regular doctor diagnosed me with rosacea. And yes, for me, that’s GOOD news. I’ve been suffering from adult acne since I hit 30, and it was a weird type of acne, wouldn’t respond to the usual acne meds (that stuff actually made it worse) and seemed to be triggered by food (diet coke, bad coffee, etc) and stress — and all the acne medical stuff I’d read was insistent that acne was never triggered by anything one ate.

(if this is ringing a bell with anyone out there —

I had a bad breakout the day of my last doctor appointment, and finally mentioned it to her in frustration, asking if she could recommend a dermatologist…and she looked at me, looked at my face, and went, “Have you ever heard of rosacea?”

Well, no. Then she started reading off symptoms and signs and specific Euro-heritage backgrounds, and I’m going, damn…hey, wait a minute, that sounds like mom, too…

Upshot is that she put me on a topical med for the face, and it’s been mostly clear since. And when I asked Mom, she was like “well, yeah, I was diagnosed with that a long time ago, why?”

Like, Mom, it’s right up there with me finding out my granddad on Dad’s side died from stomach cancer — there’s some things about my medical heritage the docs need to know. Yeesh.

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