Yeah, yeah, April Fools — asshats.

So here…the local college newspaper (well — Columbus OH — Ohio State — not that local — okay, bordering on NATIONAL) decided to run a front page story about Ohio finally lowering the drinking age to 18.

Considering that there’s been lobbyists for this and several such bills introduced into our state legislature, this isn’t farfetched.

You don’t find out until you actually read the story all the way thru to its very last sentence — and a lengthy boring realistic story it is — that the tale’s an April Fools.

Talk about frakkin’ irresponsible. Sure, I read the story to the full end…but I’m an old person who’s a compulsive reader. Most people skim the headlines, if that.

“Hey! You just wound up arrested for underage drinking because of our story! April Fools!”


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