Crazy woman with cats

Well, you know the photo on my profile page; that was taken on Brett’s iMac two years ago. I decided it was time to update just a bit, when I discovered that…hey, my Mac has Photo Booth TOO?? And a CAMERA???

Such things are dangerous in the wrong hands.

Especially with three cats.

crazy woman with cats

From left to right, Frodo, Puck (our oldest boy at 13 – a big boneless fluffball) and Scooter (our little foundling girl). Frodo decided to play “No Don’t wanna Cuddle, Yeah WANNA WANNA CUDDLE”, squirming and squirming whenever I tried to take the pic until he got free…then jumping up in my lap the moment I sat down to write. And Scoot — you’d never guess from that pic that she started out as a scrawny stray rummaging in dumpsters. I was lucky to get her to stay in my arms for those two pics; she does NOT like being picked up & cuddled, it has to be on HER terms.

Puck, of course, was his usual mellow “Where’s my tuna” self.

And yeah, that painting you see in the background is one of mine — temporarily moved while we’re rearranging the apartment & wallspace.

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