TAXES are DONE – Gastric Scan DONE — holy crap, can this year be OVER already?

Just got our taxes done! Yippee!

(actually, they were done last week, but we delayed a week due to confusion over a certain form. They would’ve been done back in FEBRUARY, except for my old workplace fucked up their W-2s and didn’t send out corrected ones until almost mid-March. Idiots.)

I highly recommend TaxActOnline, btw. Totally unpaid-for unsolicited enthusiasm, here — I’ve been doing taxes through them for the past five years, and it’s been mostly quick & painless. The pain’s usually stemmed from errors in Brett’s bookkeeping. $17 to use if you go the full deluxe route (which I use, due to the business).

I had a gastric emptying scan done this past Friday, since the endoscopy turned up negative. I’ll get the results of THAT tomorrow. Oh, the scan? Basically means you eat radioactive scrambled eggs and lie flat on your back with a camera above your abdomen for a couple hours so they can make sure your stomach’s emptying at the rate it should. I had my iPod; I had to fight to NOT fall asleep during it, since I had my contacts in.

What’s getting frustrating about this (and it’ll be brought up when I talk to the doc tomorrow) is that my next scheduled appt with the guy is in June. Mind, I had about two units of blood lost in that debacle in December…and somehow, it doesn’t seem like it’s being considered anything serious anymore.

With my history of small intestine crap, I need to pound into this man’s head that I’m not being a hysterical hypochondriac.

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