Well, this is odd…

A ‘new’ Steve Perry compilation popped up on Amazon.com:

So the important question — anything new?

Hell no. What do you think this is, a Perry-ite wet dream or something?

It sure as hell ain’t MY wet dream, that’s for certain.

Nah, just the same old, same old tracks on here. The -ites get pissy about Journey going on & milking Perry’s name (and Perry’s slung some shots at them for doing that, too — the “don’t crack the stone” comment from BTM comes immediately to mind)…but hey, Journey’s releasing NEW stuff. They’ve moving on. They’re continuing to create. They haven’t stopped.

Perry’s the one stuck in the past and reliving the old stuff over and over.

Like damn, dude, at least give us something NEW from that old stuff — like a remastered FTLOSM tour recording. Or other Journey concerts BESIDES the Houston Escape tour. Go pester PBS to release the Journey Soundstage or something.

Or hell, get off your ass and actually release some new songs, instead of hiding behind other artists.

Do I sound bitter? Yeah.

Disappointed? Hell yeah.

Before ANYONE jumps my case about Perry “enjoying his retirement”…bullshit. He’s not in retirement. He’s got plenty of time to oversee the remastering of the Houston show…and all the Perry-era albums…and his own releases/re-releases/re-re-releases. In all interviews, he doesn’t say he’s in retirement (he’s “thinking about touring & recording a lot”). He finds a lot of time to go do things behind other artists.

He’s lost his nerve, pure & simple.

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