When the Gods Whack You With a Message, They DON’T FUCK AROUND

Holy frakkin’ unproven-anomaly-in-the-space-time-continuum…

This just went straight to freaky.

It kinda started with the horoscopes.

Please note, I don’t believe in astrology. I rarely — read: never — look at the Columbus Dispatch. The only horoscope I will read occasionally is Freewill Astrology, and that’s because the writer is so great — read it, you’ll see what I mean.

Today, I did a bug-out to the local coffee shop to hang out & write. Big comfy chair, right next to their fireplace (lit & cracklin), hot mug of coffee, notebook, funky pen, characters yammering at me…good stuff.

Now, I’ve been questioning my decision to leave my old workplace for a while; been fighting depression, all the illness, etc etc etc — the home business is building, but a lot slower than it did before. As I’m sitting there, sitting coffee and scribbling madly, I noticed an abandoned section of the Dispatch at my feet, on the fireplace hearth. The “Life” section. And being an obsessive reader, I pick it up to look at the comics. Instead, I find myself staring at the Horoscopes, for Gemini:

“You are on the right path. Set your goals close, so you don’t get discouraged. You’re doing the right thing.”


AND THE SAME THING happened with Brett, not an hour later, but with Freewill Astrology — I won’t go into the issues or details, but I’d picked up a copy of the local alternative paper at the coffee shop, that mistakenly had *last week’s* column in it, and damn, the Libra was like it was talking directly to Brett, and his issues with his workplace & job search. I mean, it was so close & dead-on it freaked him out, and we are NOT easy freakers.

(additional freak-out? My FreeWill Gemini for the week starting today: “Maintain your concentration right to the end of the process you’ve been carrying out. Finish your masterpiece with a precise flourish.” — ALMOST THE SAME DAMN MESSAGE.)


But then…man.

I’ve written before about the local Newage store, Pearls of Wisdom. This evening, me & Brett headed down there, to replenish our incense supplies…and having gotten a big tax refund, I decided to splurge a bit and get their sole remaining Pena red Oriental Sun Dragon, which is out of print (and a handsome cool dragon it is). This time, we got a sales lady who knew what Pena dragons were, and we were chatting enthusiastically about the red guy and all the other Pena / Windstone sculps in the store.

Brett was eyeing the star-ruby rings they had, and oohing-aahing over them, and I made a half-hearted-mention that we really should get his wedding band replaced — he’d lost his in a snowball fight in the blizzard last year (silly man wasn’t wearing gloves, ring flew off, and with all that snow, was impossible to find).

I happen to glance down to my left…

…and there’s another tray of rings setting out on the counter, a few in Celtic knotwork patterns…

…and one (ONE) sterling silver one that exactly matched my wedding band. I’m staring at it, going, “OMG, Brett, look. It matches, exact…”

…and he tried it on, and it fit PERFECTLY.

Which is WEIRD, because he’s got large, hard-to-fit hands — he usually has to get rings re-sized, and Pearls is not a jewelry store to be carrying the hard-to-fit sizes. But this was snug without being tight, and slipped right over his hand as if it was made for him.

The only one of that pattern they had in the store.

Yeah. One ring added to the sales tab. And while we were still going, “wow, we don’t BELIEVE this”, the sales lady said, “Oh, I gave you half-off on the ring — just for the great story.”

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