Degenerating Into Ruthless Self-Parody…

Yup, that’s P.E.T.A…

…who is staging an in-game event on the online game World of Warcraft to…wait for it…

…protest the senseless slaughter of seals in real life.

And knowing WOW players as I do, you know damn good & well that there’s gonna be total chaos reigning at that event. Hopefully, there’s Horde folk on who’ll be able to trick the PETA people into flagging PVP — having their save-the-virtual seal campaign degenerate into a PETA-killfest would restore my faith in the online gaming community.

No, Warcrafters-on-my-FL, it’s not a PVP server. Damn.

I despise PETA; their tactics and platforms are just fuckin’ anarchic terrorism that end up making the problem WORSE.

Too bad I don’t have a level-70 on that server. I’d be going over there just to slaughter the seals & protect the Horde team.

And this is just Real Life imitating Art, I swear. Me & Brett have had a “vanity” guild (Desolace Eco-Tours) for our lowbie alts, and we’ve been known to start up in chat about stopping the ruthless slaughter of murlocs in Goldshire.

Hmmm. Maybe I can sue PETA for copyright infringement.

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