Meals or baked barf…you decide.

It’s not really cheerful unless it’s OFFICIALLY cheerful.

Totally messed up, twisted site. I got hooked through the Gallery of Regrettable Food (warning: do NOT view it right before a meal. SRSLY).

And the Gallery of Regrettable Food came up because I was seriously trying to see if anyone was making fun of the horrible, horrifying food photography done by the “Taste of Home” magazines. My mom’s been cleaning out, and gave us a huge stack of those things because she knew we loved to cook…

…well, if these magazines had been my first introduction to cooking, I’d be eating McD’s FOREVER.

To be very fair, I’m sure the recipes are probably pretty tasty. But the photography on most of them makes ’em look like baked barf — washed out, yellow, horrible angles. Anything that might be a casserole or anything involving one chopped-up food cooked with another chopped-up food…just looks GROSS. And we won’t go into the pictures of the “contributing cooks” that go along with each recipe.

Best one so far: for easter, a Cheese Ball shaped into a bunny…with jelly beans stuck in for eyes, nose & belly buttons.


It’s been the best unintentionally hysterical reading I’ve had in years.

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