One more test out of the way.

So I had a gastric emptying scan done last Friday — normal, completely normal.

That upper endoscopy & the polyps they took out? Normal. Completely normal.

Wednesday, I have the full endoscopy. That’s the ‘swallow the camera-pill and wear the freaky monitors all day’ test.

My stomach hurts. It’s been hurting every time I eat; the past two days, it’s been bad enough to make me want to do nothing but lie in bed with a heating pad. I don’t like griping about it; my intestines have been whacked-out since high school (small bowel twist/blockages and the resulting adhesions ever since).

And they still don’t know why I had two units of blood drop out of me back in December.

gah. Barb, can we STOP being in a race with each other’s digestive system?? PLEASE????

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