On the good news front…

Puck’s “normal” again (well, as normal as any cat can be) — it was just a bug. It was pretty obvious he was okay when Brett opened a can of tuna for lunch, and Puck was the first one in the kitchen, meowing and head-butting. :breathes heavy sigh of relief:

Brett’s gotten a serious response to his job searching by one of his targeted hospital groups…in Salem, Oregon. Their first line to him was “If you’re SERIOUS about this and are willing to relocate, let us know when we can call you for an interview.” I doubt they’d be saying that just for customer service or collections crap jobs, or even bothering to interview someone halfway across the country — I’m thinking it’s the serious billing/coding opportunity Brett’s been after.

Okay, it’s not Seattle, but Salem looks to be a straight shot down the highway from Seattle. Near enough for a weekend run to pester , possibly? Hmmmmm.

This past Wednesday, I had 30,000 pictures taken of my gastrointestinal system; I was told it’d take 2 days to upload them, then another 2-3 days for the doc to go over them. BUT my stomach & digestive system HAVEN’T HURT since then; no more blood, nothing. I’m wondering if a bit of small intestine got caught in a loop of adhesion, and the camera-pill (my god, talk about a HORSE PILL) managed to pop it out. I should find out this Wed or Thurs if they found anything, and I don’t know what I’m actually hoping for — that they WILL find something, or that they WON’T.

I’ve felt good enough to actually go on Warcraft raids — AND joke around with the mostly male-guildies (AND shocking them with, yes guys, I know all THOSE words in Mexican colloquial Spanish — and know more than they do, and can reel ’em off with better pronunciation). It all started with one of the guys calling another “pendejo”…and me piping up in Vent with “Did I just really hear you call him a pubic hair?”…THEN getting a collective “huhwhah???” because no one knew what the literal translation was (the term’s used like we use “asshole” here, and is usually translated as such).

Yes, guys, I live in Ohio, but I REMEMBER all those high school Spanish lessons…especially all the WRONG words.

For the Warcrafters on my FL, we managed to down two bosses in Ulduar (the first mech one, the dragon one — after wiping far too much on Ignis), AND we got 3 wings cleared in 25-man Naxx (half-pugged raid, there), only stopping because 1 AM was just too late for me & the other tanks & half our heals. I’m hoping we get to clear it…somehow.

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