ooooooooookay, NOW I’m freaking…

…but in a good way.

I’ve written about my skeptical relationship with Feng Shui before.

THIS time, it just veered right into out-and-out FREAKY.

We’ve spent the last couple weeks redoing the home office space. It was dark & dreary back here, dark cheap wally-world furniture, etc etc. So since the tax refund was big and my desk was starting to fall apart, I decided to go ahead and redo my little corner of the office space…

…which, by the way, happens to be right where the traditional “money” area is, for Feng Shui.

Please note: I’m SKEPTICAL. I don’t buy it wholesale; the basic idea of “your environment influences you”, yeah, sure, I agree with that. It’s the specifics that have me going, “Get frakkin’ REAL.” Like paint-your-bathroom-red-and-get-rich…oh GET REAL.

Anyway, I replaced my old dark pressboard desk with another cheap (but surprisingly solid & lovely) wally-world desk, glass & metal & airy-looking; cleaned out the space & the accumulated junk, hung some colorful windchimes in the big window (amazing tone, for only $20 each), shoved my huge amethyst clusters and some sparkly prisms up in the smaller window, got new lights, cleaned out the tabletop fountain (a lovely blue ceramic bowl)…yeah. Went whole hog on it.

And today, on a spur of the moment impulse, I took one of those gorgeous windchimes and rang it all through my work area — an aural smudging & space-clearing, if you will.

And TODAY, I had four — FOUR — people contact me with job recruitment offers.

Please note that I haven’t really been looking for work, since I’ve been focusing on my freelance web design business. I put a half-assed resume up on, but haven’t done ANYTHING in terms of using it.

Well, I found out from one of those folks that crossposts to

I’m not talking fraud jobs, or multi-level marketing recruiters that gather on desperate unemployed people like flies on crap. Brett had his share of those in his two years of job-searching, and it got to the point I started SNARLING at such people the moment they said who they were with.

No, I’m talking serious, actual job offers from real companies.

Now one of those was Dish Network — may they rot in hell FOREVER. My email response back to those asshats was pure “fuck off”. And I’m afraid I scared one woman off — she called me, and at first, I thought she was one of the MLM people and a scam, when she mentioned Monster; I had no clue at that point that I had anything up on Monster. It took a bit of explaining on her part for me to realize that she was serious, and I did apologize in my followup email to her.

And one of those offers is right up my experience alley, and neatly dovetails with Brett’s profession — designer / interface designer for a medical software/website company in Madison WI.

I’ve spent most of today doing a quick re-vamp of the RabbitHorseRunning Studios website, and revamping my traditional resume AND doing a better job on my profiles on the and sites. I still want to go on with my freelance work, but if I can get a regular job with a great company to back it up…hey…

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