I just realized WHY I resisted Facebook for so long…

…my entire family’s on there.

Not just the immediate family…almost my ENTIRE family.

I’m the person who’s related to half of Middletown, OH. Small-town, conservative, Red Republican, Steelworker, Middletown OH.

I’m not exaggerating.

Well, okay. Maybe a little. But not by much.

Oh, joy. Yet another source of family contention & argument when I refuse to let some friend me — I will never, EVER, let my idiot brother or asshat sister-in-law in to my private life. Ever. They are thieves, bullies, embezzlers, liars…*forces mouth to shut up*

Though they may have gotten the clue the last time around, when they tried to friend it when said account was a work account…and got soundly rejected.

:considers the mentality involved:


(before anyone asks why I even got onto Facebook…well, after a couple potential employers couldn’t understand why I didn’t have a profile…and me trying to get work as someone knowledgeable about the Web…yeah. Granted, I’m finding it fun, I’m finding folks I haven’t heard from in years, but the whole “family” thing’s just got me waiting for the bomb to drop.)

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