Furry Happy Monsters!

Yup, there’s one Furry Happy Monster on THIS end of things.

Yesterday’s interview went GREAT — I’d put the Shrine AND the Journey Webring on my resume’ as accomplishments (and damn well they ARE), and the interviewer was a Journey fan. :))) AND went to Ohio University AND majored in Audio/Video Production…like I did.

To top it off, she was very very amused when I told her *why* I didn’t have links to my current business work on my RabbitHorseRunning.com site:

Me: “Um…well…my current client runs Adult Entertainment sites. I can’t exactly put those links on my portfolio without warning folks first…”
Interviewer: *bursts into laughter, followed by: “OMG, that’s AWESOME!!”

She’s talking things over with their client, and says she’ll get back with me as soon as she knows more. And her attitude and wording is such that I’m 99% certain I’ll have the post.


Place called “Bookmaster”, a bit north of here — and they do digital book publishing and distribution!!

How’s THAT for Synchronicity?

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