black mood lifted, for now…

okay. birthday weekend’s done much to alleviate the bad mood. Parents came up and took us out to dinner (though I treated them to local gourmet icecream and coffee at my favorite funky coffee shop, Cup O Joe — salty caramel icecream, NOM NOM NOM). And, as usual, me & Brett & Mom & my sister Deb had a great time at Brio’s (an awesome Italian place), and Dad just sat & grumped. Granted, his order was cold when they brought it out, and service was a bit slow — but they fixed the issue and it WAS Father’s Day…

Brett splurged & got me Sims 3 (just what I need — ANOTHER computer game! :))). Still figuring it out, but having fun with it. In some ways, it seems more limited than Sims 2, though more graphically intense and pretty (you can visit other lots — you can SEE other lots from your Sims home, and go right to them without having to go back out to the Neighborhood menu…AND see all the landscape surrounding your lot…). The “body shop” area is at once MORE customizable (wardrobe!) and LESS customizable (!@#$@#$ hair, JEESUS). But it’s not easy to change between families, as it was in Sims 2, and I’m not seeing how you can create whole neighborhoods under your total, micro-managing control.

I’m hoping that the limits I’m seeing are just because they’re planning expansion packs to cover them. I’m really hoping that.

But I think it’s what I needed — just time to play with my Virtual Doll House again. 🙂

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