GAH, parents…

Yeah. Mom got her iPod Shuffle.

I HAVEN’T HAD AN HOUR FREE OF PHONE CALLS SINCE (and have been screening all calls via the answering machine since yesterday).

dear bloody GODS, I was on the phone for over half an hour with her yesterday, hand-holding her through the simplest crap, each & every window that popped up required her reading it to me and her getting upset & tossing a hissy-fit over it and her asking me what she should do. (yeah, I was snarked off — she called right as I was starting to eat lunch, I was STARVED, and she wouldn’t take “call back” for an answer).

and 99.9 percent of the time — THE WINDOW TOLD HER WHAT TO DO.

IT WAS ONLY THE BLOODY REGISTRATION PROCESS. She got upset & hissy over why they wanted so much information, until I finally cut her off with “You mean you never fill out registration cards on ANY of your stuff? For the Warranty?”

Technical & Customer Support People out there – you know the types. “Oh, there’s a window on your screen? What’s it say? Did you do what it said? Do what it says. Problem solved? Hurray.”

:stomps off, cussing:

I mean, hell, she bought this thing. And she can’t be bothered to figure out how to use it. It isn’t rocket-science — it’s a SHUFFLE. Plug it in, drag-drop tunes, stick your headphones on, hit PLAY. And I’ve shown her MULTIPLE times how to use iTunes and import her CDs (and iTunes has got to be the easiest program in the WORLD for that — stick CD in, click IMPORT).

She’s NOT one of those trembling frail old ladies who knows nothing about computers; it’s not memory loss, it’s not anything “age-related”. She’s got more computer & electronic gear at home than I do (all windows stuff, but yes, the iPods work on Windows just the same as they do on Macs).

Vent done. Phone’s ringing…AGAIN.

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