Journey Song in GOOD Movie for a change…

Or at least, a movie whose trailer looks awesome…Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.

Yup. They’re using Anyway You Want It: (with AWYWI)

Second trailer, without AWYWI:

Two things come immediately to mind:

1. Both trailers are HYSTERICAL, and it seems that there’s FINALLY
gonna be a Journey song in a GOOD movie, for a change (okay, OKAY,
before you get nasty, I’ll GRANT you “Caddyshack” and MAYBE “Heavy
Metal”, but gods, Journey’s luck with songs in movies is just not that


2. It’s so obvious that Movie Execs Never Listen To The Real Lyrics.

I mean, okay, sure, “Anyway You Want It” takes on a whole new meaning when referring to cheeseburgers & spaghetti ….

But come ON, a song about a very willing groupie putting out sex favors in a fun kids’ movie…??

(granted, someone on the Movie Production Team MIGHT just be making a socio-cultural commentary about the link between sex & food, but my money’s on “they only heard the chorus”. 🙂 )

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