Oh, the drama you hear with your windows open…

Wow. For such a quiet apartment complex, it’s been…interesting…today.

First, the bread machine fiasco. And I won’t go into all the minor disasters that happened as I was fixing dinner (rice boiling over and BURNING — WTF??). But as I was finally finishing dinner and walking into the living room with Brett and a plate of homemade cashew chicken, I happened to look up…

…and saw two police officers escorting one of our neighbors out in handcuffs.

A female neighbor, the one who the rental managers initially confused ME with (we look similar, but not scarily so). And just a little chatter with an elderly man who lives in the same building, we found out that she’d been under house-arrest with an ankle-bracelet and had basically violated her parole by going out and partying Saturday & Sunday nights.

This same neighbor had busted out her window on Friday; I’m talking shattered safety glass and broken frame, here, and the windows in this place are SOLID. Same neighbor who seemed to have a different boyfriend every night of the week, and screaming fights out in the common yard were pretty common — I mean, when BRETT notices such things, there’s a problem.

It also turns out that she’d been giving her building’s security code to all these guys, and the other tenants are going to petition the landlord to change the lock, now that she’s gone.

And on top of that…

There’s another elderly woman in the building next to us — we’d dubbed her “Crazy Lady”, because she’d accost us if she was out walking and just start talking crazy. Not the usual old-person-who-loves-to-talk…I’m talking stuff like “i keep knives under my bed because the guy below me keeps calling the cops on me and they keep telling me to leave the light bulbs alone but they’re all mine because I pay the electric bill for the whole building” stuff (the guy living below her is a really nice guy; we never see cops out here, except for today, and the apartments are on individual meters).

Well, it turns out SHE’D also been taken out to a nursing home for good…because she’d been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic and was causing problems for the other tenants.

This has been just one far-too-interesting day…

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