You wanna talk FREAKED

My mom gave us her bread machine a couple weeks ago, and we’ve been enjoying that thing immensely; I used to make homemade bread every once in a while, but it’s such a big time-commitment. Now we’ve stopped buying store bread completely.


So a little bit ago, I loaded up the flour & stuff into the machine, turned it on, and went back to my job-searching. My sister called, I went out into the living room (in full view of the kitchen) to grab the phone and was chatting with her when…


I’m staring in shock at the bread machine, midway across on the floor, lid torn off, bread dough on the tile…and when I run over to grab it, I see the upper corner of the metal interior is warped up, making it impossible to set the lid back on.

The damn thing was knocked off the counter!

No — it wasn’t any our cats. Puck was asleep on the couch near me; Frodo and Scooter had been in the computer room at their usual window perches (Frodo came running out at the noise; Scoot’s still in the window). On TOP of that, the machine was solidly on the counter near a corner against a wall, in such a manner that a cat COULDN’T have accidentally knocked the damn thing off. As heavy as it was, it would take quite a bit of effort to do so — the cat would’ve had to squirm behind the thing, squeezed between it and the other wall and shoved.

And I’m not talking “it fell” — no, it landed a ways *away* from the floor nearest the counter, in a direction *away* from the wall it had been against. Just as if it had been shoved off the counter, at an angle, by someone pushing from that wall.

Okay. Freaked…

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