Once more, CNN shows it doesn’t know what it’s talking about…

40 Weird Things Said in Job Interviews

Okay, most of these are fairly funny, until you hit:

When have you demonstrated leadership skills?

“Well my best example would be in the world of online video gaming. I pretty much run the show; it takes a lot to do that.” – Rachel Croce

Since I’m a gamer, I fail to see how that’s “weird” — I hope the applicant followed up with an explanation of the specifics to the interviewer in question. I suspect the interviewer above actually shortened & mangled the answer to make it seem weird.

Leadership skills are very very necessary in online gaming, especially in games that require cooperation, such as WoW, especially in end-game raids. You’re not dealing with just a “game”; you’re dealing with real, live people. You’re leading a group of players — who cross all age ranges, gender, countries — and trying to coordinate tactics, skills and abilities to accomplish in-game goals AND smooth over any differences between players, etc etc etc. It takes a “leader” mind to do that, and isn’t any different than, say, leading a team project on insurance sales goals. Or leading sports team.

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