So I’m cruising through Facebook — I’ve been making unexpected contact with a lot of folks I knew from High School (not the bullying bastards, just the folks that were my fellow Bandies or who were otherwise at least on friendly terms).

Then I got a major shock.

Please note that said high school was a rather strict Catholic High School, in a small blue-collar conservative Republican Town.

I’m looking through one of my former classmates friends’ list, and see a last name that looks familiar…and realize that it’s *two* last names that look familiar (like mine, a married hyphenated thing), so I’m thinking, oh, cool, one of my classmate’s sister married another classmate…

…then I took a second look at the pic…

…and realized said woman was actually a guy (that adam’s apple thing) and the first name was the female equivalent of a male name — not a sister. And the man standing next to her/him in the tux was the other classmate…

Okay. Mind officially blown. Gonna go nap now.

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