another “sister” rant from Facebook…

I admit, my middle sis, Diane, has both me & my youngest sister, Debbie, wondering how in the world she ended up in the same family as we did.

Okay. Bad enough that her husband’s been in the hospital — tremors, convulsions, twitching & whatnot, final diagnosis was extreme stress & post-traumatic stress disorder. That’s enough to deep-six his job as a truck driver for at least a year.

So Di — being one of the extreme Christians I ranted about earlier — makes a post noting all this stuff, with the addendum, “Right now God is all I have… good thing He is all I need!”.

What did I say, about sending God the WRONG message?

Yup, God appears to be taking her at her word.

Her hubby’s gotten grouchy & snappy (understandable), his symptoms getting worse, and he bluntly told Di that if he can’t drive a truck, he’s not going to work, period, and refuses to help her with any paperwork or phone calls for their medical bills. She’s getting in trouble at work for having had so much time off, and she’s talking bankruptcy.

Well, Sis, you TOLD God that He was all you needed.

Never toss a challenge like that out to the Powers That Be, for they just might take you at your word. Anyone’s who read the Book of Job should realize THAT much.

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