Actually, I’ve had it for about a week — I start Monday. I’ve actually had two job offers (and also turned down requests for three other interviews), and have been trying to decide which one to take…a position as a “mortgage customer service” rep with Chase Bank or working CSR for the top pharmaceutical benefits company in the nation (Medco).

Hmmm…either a position dealing with angry/upset people with mortgage issues, or a position helping folks get the meds they need that their insurance provides. You tell me.

The first was slightly more money, but dammit, if I’m go back to financial services, I wanna actually help people, not be screwing them over and explaining to them why the screwing is really a good thing. And Medco offers work-at-home after the first six months.

So I’m a bit antsy over the choice, but I’ve had it with the financial sector for a while.


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